It is my great pleasure to announce that Dr Mahendra Rao has accepted our invitation to become a member of our Hub’s Scientific Advisory Board, and has joined the SAB with immediate effect.

Dr Rao holds an MD degree and a PhD in developmental neurobiology. He has over twenty years of experience in all aspects of the stem cell field including government, academia, and business. Dr Rao was the founding Director of the NIH Center of Regenerative Medicine and also the Chief of the Laboratory of Stem cell Biology at the NIH. Dr. Rao’s laboratory is focused on translational work related to Parkinsons disease and glial cell pathology.

Dr. Rao is currently the VP of strategic Affairs at Q therapeutics and serves as a consultant on Regenerative Medicine for the New York Stem Cell Foundation. Dr. Rao continues to provide consultant and advisory services to biotechnology companies such as Cesca, Megakaryon, Stempeutics and Hemacare. Dr. Rao was recently named one of the top ten influential people in the stem cell field and was honored recently by the Federation of Biologists (FABA) India for his achievements in the stem cell field and awarded the NBRI medal (India) for his contributions to neuroscience research.

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