Prof Molly Stevens, Imperial College London


Molly Stevens is Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine and the Research Director for Biomedical Material Sciences in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. She graduated from Bath University and was awarded a PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2001. Molly conducted post-doctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ahead of joining Imperial in 2004.

Molly’s research uses transformative bioengineering approaches to overcome severe limitations in current materials in biosensing and regenerative medicine. A key focus is on understanding and engineering the biomaterial interface using innovative designs and state of the art materials characterisation methods and using highly multidisciplinary approaches from bioengineers, material scientists, chemists, surgeons and biologists.

Dr Bohwon Kim, Imperial College London

Programme Manager

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the Acellular / smart Materials Hub includes senior academic, industrial and regulatory experts to provide independent advice regarding the Hub’s activities and future strategy to ensure scientific excellence.

The goal of the SAB is to steer and challenge the Hub in its development and delivery of our scientific and translational objectives. The Acellular / smart materials Hub Scientific Advisory Board consists of the following members:



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