The UKRMP Safety Hub and MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science are hosting:

Imaging for biodistribution, function and safety assessments of the liver, 2 March 2017 at the University of Liverpool (Foresight Centre), UK.

The workshop will focus on better understanding of translatable imaging modalities for preclinical assessment of drug-induced liver injury and exemplified by case report studies from industry.  Keynote presentations will also address emerging clinical imaging technologies to assess liver disease and the effects of novel therapies.

The workshop will bring together research scientists and clinicians from academia, industry and government and aims to define key clinical and research questions that can be addressed in a collaborative manner.   Best practices and future clinical and scientific directions will be advocated through sharing of pre-competitive information on different approaches.  The workshop is limited to approx. 50 attendees and is designed to maximise interactions between delegates.  It is envisaged that the meeting proceedings will be published in a high quality scientific journal.


Contact Claire Hutchinson for further details and to register a place.