December 10th – 11th, 2015

First UKRMP Immunomodulation of Stem Cells Workshop

The Hub held its first Immunomodulation of Stem Cells Workshop.  The event was based at the Academy of Medical Sciences, London. Leaders representing industry and academia discussed the impact of the immune system in regenerative medicine. The workshop provided a platform for international oversight and networking within and between the stem cell and the immunology communities.

Prof Fiona Watt chaired a panel session involving Prof David Mooney (Harvard University), Dr Cathy Prescott (Biolatris Ltd), Dr Eleuterio Lombardo (TiGenix) and Prof Stuart Forbes (Edinburgh) on the commercialisation of cell therapies. Specifically, the members of this panel discussed ways of tackling challenges and creating opportunities in this field. This session was filmed and can be seen here.