The UKRMP Hub for Acellular (smart material) approaches for therapeutic delivery brings together a team of scientists from the UK and internationally with skills and expertise in a range of areas to tackle a number of challenges in regenerative medicine. We aim to update you on news and events involving the hub and our clinical, academic and industry partners.

Events 2017/2018

The first INTERREG – 6th Termis, Winterschool_2018 on “Mechanobiology in Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration – In Vitro/In Vivo Preclinical Models and Imaging” will be held in Radstadt Austria, January 14th -17th, 2018. This is a great opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience of pre-clinical models, in vivo imaging and the opportunity to network; the preliminary programme covers the latest technologies in the field and early registration is advised.


The Inaugural UK Regenerative Medicine Conference 20-21 September 2016, Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London, W1B 1AD.

The UK Regenerative Medicine Conference being held at RIBA, London on 20 and 21 September 2016 (with dinner on 20 September) will draw together leaders in the field from the UK and across the globe to present and discuss the latest advances in regenerative medicine. More information and pre-registration is available at this link.

News 2016

Stem Cell Mountain features as part of the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium exhibit at BBC’s Countryfile Live: Stem Cell Mountain was conceived in partnership with the University of Southampton as part of its ongoing collaboration and research. The University’s Dr Jonathan Dawson and Professor Richard Oreffo sought a fun and engaging way to communicate its important research into stem cells to children and families. Stem Cell Mountain is now in its second iteration due to its popularity with both the public and researchers. Having visited various festivals and events, including the University of Southampton Roadshow, the exhibit has engaged over 300,000 school children, festival goers and science aficionados across the UK, with its latest stop at BBC Countryfile Live, at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire from 4 – 7 August. Stem Cell Mountain combines the fun of a pinball machine with some key biological concepts, bringing the complex idea of stem cell potential to life. Posted 24th August 2016.

British Heart Foundation iPS Interest Group – March 22nd 2016: Dr Deepak Kumar presented on Fabrication of Patterned Tubular Architectures at the British Heart Foundation iPS Interest Group on March 22nd 2016. The annual meeting had a focus on the use of iPS cells for heart and blood vessel related applications. A broad range of topics was presented including: pluripotency, modelling molecular cardiomyopathies, iPS-derived endothelial cells, contraction coupling of iPSC-derived cardiac myocytes and optical control of excitation waves in cardiac tissue. Posted 13th April 2016.

10th-11th March 2016 – 1st UKRMP Researchers Retreat, Manchester. Organised by the UKRMP Project Managers, this retreat brought together PDRAs, RAs and PhD Students from across the UKRMP Hubs for two days of workshops and networking opportunities at the Manchester Conference Centre. The event opened with a series of workshops facilitated by Dr Sara Shinton, focusing on career development, maximizing opportunities, marketing skill sets and promoting involvement within UKRMP both within academic careers and out with academia. Day two was led by Dr Rachel Smith and Dr Sarah Dickson from the MRC Regulatory Support Centre who provided insight into the Regulatory Landscape surrounding the research journey from basic research to late clinical trials. Follow this link for more information and pictures of the event. Posted 30th March 2016.

Transformative research funded by UKRMP, through the Acellular Hub, has been published on line in the first edition of PNAS in 2016. Dr James Dixon and colleagues’ paper entitled “Highly Efficient Delivery of Functional Cargoes by the Synergistic Effect of GAG Binding Motifs and Cell-Penetrating Peptides” presents data on a peptide-based system engineered to enhance the activity of cell-penetrating peptides to achieve exceptional intracellular transduction. The system is not dependent on extensive positive charge and can be tailored to deliver peptides, recombinant proteins, nucleic acids, nanoparticles, and antibodies. Importantly, this approach does not affect cell proliferation and viability and can be used to deliver a plethora of functional cargoes. This technology represents an efficient strategy for controlling cell labeling and directing cell fate or behavior that has broad applicability for basic research, disease modeling, and clinical applications. Posted 6 January 2016

News 2015

Tissue and Cell Engineering Society Annual Meeting 2015: 19th-21st July

A very successful TCES 2015 was held at the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton; for the Acellular Hub a highlight was the awarding of Best Oral Presentation to Dr Hareklea Markides for her presentation entitled “Remote cell activation for bone regeneration – a preclinical animal study”. Hari received a £100 Amazon voucher.

First ever UK 3View User Microscopy Meeting: Southampton Imaging held the first ever “UK 3View User Group Meeting” on Thursday 26th & Friday 27th May at the Heartbeat Centre, Southampton General Hospital: posted 1 July 2015

Professor Kevin Shakesheff to chair science sessions at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Annual Conference in September 2015: posted 11 May 2015

Professor Kevin Shakesheff was invited to give a talk on “Controlled Release in Musculoskeletal Applications” at the International Cartilage Repair Society Meeting in Chicago: posted 11 May 2015

News 2014

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine recognises scientific advances by the team from Keele and Nottingham: posted 20 October 2014

Ground breaking research features in latest volume of Stem Cells Translational Medicine: posted 20 October 2014

UKRMP Acellular Technologies Hub Director, Kevin Shakesheff, to present at Term Stem 2014: posted 15 October 2014

Launch of NC3Rs 10 year vision: posted 15 October 2014

BBSRC GB Bioscience 2014 Festival the Southampton group selected to present in November: posted 6 October 2014

NHS Open Day Sat Sept 27th (Southampton General Hospital): posted 6 October 2014

Launch of Southampton Imaging and their suite of 3D microscopes: posted 2nd June 2014

Ground breaking hip and stem cell surgery in Southampton: posted 19 May 2014

Major breakthrough in stem cell manufacturing technology: posted 12 May 2014

UKRMP Acellular Hub Director Announced as RISE Leader: posted 2 April 2014