New Paper: Genetically variant human pluripotent stem cells selectively eliminate wild-type counterparts through YAP-mediated cell competition

August 19, 2021
Chris Price (PDRA)
Dylan Stavish (PDRA)

As human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) derived-cell therapies progress into the clinic, one of the challenges we are addressing surrounds the safety of hPSC derivates for use in cellular therapies. A key aspect of this work entails assessing how cells that acquire common chromosomal abnormalities can overtake the existing normal wild-type population.

Researchers (Christopher Price, PhD and Dylan Stavish) from the  Pluripotent Stem Cell and Engineered Cell (PSEC) Hub based at The University of Sheffield, led by Dr Ivana Barbaric, describe in a recent Developmental Cell article, a selection mechanism that facilitates genetically variant cells achieving clonal dominance by eliminating wild-type through YAP mediated cell competition.

By understanding the attributes and culture conditions that encourage genetically variant cells, this work provides a platform for future development and optimization of hPSC culture conditions to safely expand cells for regenerative medicine.


Ivana Barbaric (PI Sheffield)

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