UKRMP Immunology/Stem Cell Workshop

July 30, 2013

Ahead of the launch of a revised call for proposals to establish an immunology-focused UKRMP Hub, the Research Council Sponsors of the UKRMP hosted a workshop to scope the immunological challenges to be addressed in regenerative medicine, bringing together 41 delegates from across the UK immunology and stem cell research communities.

The workshop identified a number of key areas of intersection between immunology and regenerative medicine where there were opportunities for the two communities to work together to overcome immunological challenges which currently limit regenerative medicine approaches. It was recognized that a broad and interdisciplinary approach was needed, establishing a networked community combining the expertise of immunologists and stem cell/regenerative medicine biologists. Connectivity to the other UKRMP Research Hubs as well as partnership with bioindustry was seen as essential to making real progress towards realizing the benefits that regenerative medicine approaches could bring to human health.

Dr Rob Buckle, Director of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, said: ‘Ensuring the considerable strengths in UK immunology and transplantation research are engaged with the translational agenda in regenerative medicine is a key objective for the UKRMP, and the productive discussions at the workshop will hopefully have laid a foundation for this to happen. The proposed establishment of a new Research Hub with a focus on generating novel tools and technologies to help manage the immune response to transplanted of cells, tissues or biomaterials should have significant impact  for the UK effort in this area, and further enhance the programmes of activity already established through the UKRMP’

A full copy of the workshop report, slide presentations and list of delegates can be found here.

Further information on the call for a UKRMP Immunomodulatory Hub and details of how to submit an application are available on the UKRMP Calls for Proposals page.

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