Tuesday 20 September 2016
08:30 Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and Opening Address
09:00 Professor Melanie Welham
Chief Executive BBSRC
Melanie Welham
Session 1:   Pluripotent and reprogrammed cells for regenerative medicine
Chair: Professor Fiona Watt, King’s College London
09:10 Professor Martin Pera
Stem Cells Australia
Keynote Lecture: Human pluripotent stem cells: basic biology matters
Martin Pera
09:40 Professor Kevin Docherty
University of Aberdeen
Topic Specific Talk: Generation of Functional Islets from Human Exocrine Pancreas
10:00 Professor David WilliamsDavid Williams
Centre for Biological Engineering, University of Loughborough
Topic Specific Talk: Translational research in regenerative medicine manufacturing: A personal reflection on progress and outstanding challenges
10:20 Dr Ivana Barbaric
Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield
Short Presentation: Genetic stability of human pluripotent stem cellsIvana Barbaric
10:30 Coffee/Tea
Session 2:   Regenerative medicine approaches for endogenous repair, transplantation and regenerative biology
Chair: Professor Kevin Park, University of Liverpool
11:00 Professor Stuart Forbes
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Keynote Lecture: Regenerating severely damaged liverStuart Forbes
11:30 Dr Sajjad Ahmad
Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool
Topic Specific Talk: Cell therapy approaches to reconstruct the front surface of the human eye Saj Ahmad
11:50 Professor Martin Birchall
University College London, Ear Institute
Topic Specific Talk: Translating complex Regenerative Medicine surgical therapies: more steeplechase than Valley of DeathMartin Birchall
12:10 Dr Giorgia Fanelli
MRC Centre for Transplantation, King’s College London
Short Presentation: Collectin 11 expression by hypoxia-stressed iPSC-derived RPE cells is linked to complement activationGiorgia Fanelli
12:20 Dr Wei-Yu Lu
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh
Short Presentation: The niche of Hepatic Progenitor Cells mediated liver regenerationWei-Yu Lu
12:30 Lunch
Session 3:   In vivo assessment of regenerative medicine approaches
Chair: Professor Francesco Dazzi, King’s College London
13:30 Professor Molly Stevens
Department of Materials, Imperial College London
Keynote Lecture: Raman and other tools to analyse the cell-material interfaceMolly Stevens
14:00 Professor Matthew Rosseinsky
Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool
Topic Specific Talk: Nanoprobe development and application in the evaluation of cell therapy safety and efficacyMatthew Rosseinsky
14:20 Professor Mark Lythgoe
University College London, Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging
Topic Specific Talk: Limits of perception: advances in cellular imaging
Mark Lythgoe
14:40 Ms Lauren Scarfe
Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, University of Liverpool
Short Presentation: Multi-Modal Imaging for Assessing Safety, Efficacy, and Mechanisms of Action of RMTsLauren Scarfe
14:50 Dr Philip Starkey Lewis
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh
Short Presentation: Alternatively-activated macrophage therapy for drug-induced liver injuryPhilip Starkey-Lewis
15:00 Coffee/Tea
Session 4:   Posters
15:30 Poster Session



18:00 Drinks Reception
Sponsored by the BioIndustry Association BIA Logo - Colour (Large)
19:30 Dinner

Programme Day 2

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