PSEC welcomes Dr Susanne Sattler to their International Scientific Advisory Board

October 11, 2021

Dr Susanne Sattler, an independent Research Fellow, and UKRMP alumni , who now leads the cardio-immunology group at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London, UK, has agreed to join the PSEC scientific advisory board, following the departure of Professor Paul Fairchild, who recently stood down to focus on his clinical activities.  Dr Sattler has extensive research experience in cardiac immunology and regenerative biology and has contributed a significant body of research on the role of a persistent inflammation-autoimmunity loop in tissue immunopathology hampering regenerative efforts.

The PSEC executive team are thrilled to welcome Susanne to the iSAB and would also like to wish Paul the best of luck, with many thanks for his input over the years.

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