Registration open for UKRMP2/Immunology ‘Sandpit’

April 30, 2018

2 & 3 July 2018
Hornton Grange, 53 Edgbaston Park Rd, Birmingham, B15 2RS UK


The sponsors of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) are hosting a UKRMP2/Immunology residential facilitated workshop – sandpit – at Hornton Grange, 53 Edgbaston Park Rd, Birmingham, B15 2RS on 2 & 3 July 2018.


Workshop Objective:

The objective of the workshop is to develop a range of coordinated research projects which collectively address the immunological issues faced by developments in regenerative medicine, and as defined by the three UKRMP2 Hub themes:

  • Pluripotent Stem Cells and Engineered Cells
  • The Engineered Cell Environment
  • Acellular/Smart Materials – 3D architecture

£2.5M is being made available to support a managed and multidisciplinary research programme that will integrate with the UKRMP Hubs to help address the immunology-related challenges spanning preclinical research and the development and testing of new regenerative medicines. The programme will entail a cluster of linked projects that support and enhance the research agendas of the UKRMP Hubs and help progress their translational activities. The research to be supported might include, but will not be limited to, novel approaches to evaluate/enhance/engineer both the innate and adaptive immune responses, with a view to:

  • promoting the survival and efficacy of cell and biomaterial implants
  • promoting and mobilising self-repair of damaged tissue
  • enabling functional integration of cell and biomaterial implants
  • maximising the efficacy of regenerative approaches

The funded projects might fit entirely within the theme of a single Hub or be applicable to other/all Hub themes, but must not either be isolated or duplicate efforts.

It is anticipated that research programmes emergent from the workshop would be initiated Q4 2018.


Funding Available:




As capacity for this event will be limited, those interested in attending are asked to register an expression of interest to allow numbers to be managed and a balance of expertise maintained.


To register for the workshop, please complete the Expression of Interest form (download form here) submitting it to

Registration will close 31 May 2018

Submission of an expression of interest will not guarantee a place. If you are invited to attend, you will be notified after 7 June 2018 to confirm your place at the workshop.


Attendance Cost:

There is no charge to attend the workshop. Accommodation and meals will be provided. Attendees will need to make their own travel arrangements and at their own expense.



The workshop will draw together immunologists and UKRMP Directors with free thinkers from other disciplines. Applicants must have held their own research grant to qualify for attendance. This includes personal Fellowships such as Career Development Awards or equivalent. Industry representatives interested in collaborative research programmes in the pre-competitive space are also welcome.

All participants are required to attend the entirety of the event to be eligible for funding. The workshop will start at 09:30 on Monday 2 July and conclude at 17:00 on Tuesday 3 July.



Please address any questions or queries to MRC Events and Committees Team – UKRI

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