Wednesday 21 September 2016
08:30 Coffee, Tea and Networking
Session 5:   Regenerative medicine advances in biomaterials and their application
Chair: Professor Sue Kimber, University of Manchester
09:00 Professor Fergal O’Brien 
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Keynote Lecture: Gene activated scaffolds for enhanced tissue repair
09:30 Professor Richard Oreffo 
Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration, University of Southampton
Topic Specific Talk: Size matters – Harnessing biomimetic materials for skeletal tissue engineeringRichard Oreffo
09:50 Dr David Hay 
MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Edinburgh
Topic Specific Talk: Stem Cell Derived Hepatocytes for Cell Based Screening and Tissue RepairDave Hay
10:10 Dr Richard Day
Division of Medicine, University College London
Short Presentation: Efficient Manufacturing and Delivery of Skeletal Muscle MyoblastsRichard Day2
10:20 Professor Rachel Williams
Institute of ageing and chronic disease, University of Liverpool
Short Presentation: Peptide gels for corneal endothelial cell transplantationRachel Williams
10:30 Coffee/Tea
Session 6:   Regenerative medicine approaches for endogenous repair, transplantation and regenerative biology (2)
Chair: Professor Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham
11:00 Professor Kevin Eggan 
Harvard University, USA
Keynote Lecture: Inherited and acquired genetic variation in human embryonic stem cells and its implications for regenerative medicineKevin Eggan
11:30 Professor Giovanna Lombardi 
MRC Centre for Transplantation, King’s College London
Topic Specific Talk: Immunogenicity of allogeneic iPS-derived cells: recipient dendritic cells are the keyGiovanna Lombardi
11:50 Professor Robin Franklin 
WT-MRC Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge
Topic Specific Talk: CNS remyelination – from mechanisms to medicinesRobin Franklin
12:10 Professor Alicia El Haj
Institute of Science & Technology in Medicine, Keele University
Short Presentation: Engineering solutions to regenerative medicine challengesAllicia El Haj
12:20 Dr Raul Elgueta Rebolledo
King’s College London
Short Presentation: Immune characterisation of iPS-derived HepatocytesRaul Elgueta
12:30 Lunch
Session 7:   Recent advances in clinical approaches to therapies
Chair: Professor Peter Andrews, University of Sheffield
13:30 Professor Robin Ali 
UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
Keynote Lecture: Retinal repair through hES-derived photoreceptor transplantationRobin Ali
14:00 Professor Dr Petra Reinke 
Berlin-Brandenburg Centre for Regenerative Therapies, Germany
Topic Specific Talk: Is cell therapy a command strategy in solid organ transplantation?Reinke
14:20 Professor Andrew Baker 
University of Edinburgh
Topic Specific Talk: Strategies for promoting repair and regeneration in response to vascular injuryAndy Baker
14:40 Dr Anthony Hollander 
Short Presentation: Using MSCs to repair torn meniscal cartilageAnthony Hollander
14:50 Dr John Sinden
Short Presentation: Chronic disability after stroke: Can neural stem cells provide a cure?
15:00 Coffee/Tea
Session 8: New frontiers in repair and replacement of diseased tissues and organs
Chair: Steve Bates, BIA
15:30 Professor Bent Jakobsen  
Immunocore Ltd
Topic Specific Talk: ImmTACTM molecules: Bi-specific TCR-based Reagents for Targeted Cancer Immunotherapybent-jakobsen
15:50 Dr Michael Roberts 
Topic Specific Talk: Synthetic Promoters: Leveraging information from the genome to optimize gene expression
16:10 Dr Martin Pule 
UCL & Autolus
Topic Specific Talk:
16:30 Closing remarks
Dr Rob Buckle
Director, UK Regenerative Medicine Platform
16:35 Meeting close

Programme Day 1

The full programme for both days can be downloaded through the link here


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